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Db Technologies Flexsys Fm8

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Progettato per i palchi compatti dove gli ingombri hanno notevole impatto, il sistema Flexsys FM8 è un monitor coassiale con amplificatore digitale e DSP incorporato. Le 8 equalizzazioni lo rendono particolarmente gestibile per ogni utilizzo sia come stage monitor che come pratico diffusore full range installato su stativo. A revolution in live sound reinforcement, the Flexsys FM Series comprises a range of tailored monitoring solutions featuring innovative technologies. Housed in compact multifunctional enclosures, these units raise the bar for intelligibility, definition, and ease of use. They are the discerning user’s first choice when nothing less than the best on-stage monitoring will do. Coaxial speakers – Remarkably resistant to feedback These newly developed coaxial speakers deliver extraordinary sound quality that defies the compact design of their housings. Engineered for precise directivity and uniform throw patterns, they provide the same satisfying audio experience at every listening position, with far greater resistance to feedback. H.E.TTM (Hybrid Enclosure Technology) - Exceptionally light and remarkably rugged Developed by dBTechnologies, H.E.T housings are made of premium-quality multiply wood with a hardwearing, durable, and scratch-resistant coating. Tough, rugged plastic side panels provide excellent protection for the housing as well as integrated grips, pole mount, and electrical connectors for utmost handling convenience and safety. The enclosures may be tilted at two different angles for accurate sound-to-audience alignment. digipack™ digital amplifiers — from a world leader in technology Our fully integrated digipack™ modules were developed specifically for use in very compact active systems, based on the innovative technology designed for our digipro® power amps and used in our high-end DVA and DVX series products. The digipack™ power amp modules are rated at more than 90% efficient, that means that they have no need of built-in fans and are extremely reliable and stable in operation. Moreover, digipack™‘s components are protected by our tried and tested built-in limiters, and our carefully designed circuitry ensures that the output remains even and transparent — the most important qualities for maximum listening pleasure — even in noisy environments. DSP with eight presets for easy adaptation to varying requirements FM Series monitors feature a powerful DSP that offers a crossover, digital multiband limiters, phase correction, and eight variable presets that serve to adapt the monitor to the varying demands of vocalists, instrumentalists, and audio playback applications.


Dati tecnici
  • Tipo 2-Way Active Active Coaxial Stage Monitor Dati acustici
  • Risposta in frequenza [+- 3dB] 77 - 20.000 Hz
  • Max SPL 117 dB
  • Alte frequenze 1 "
  • Tipo HF compression driver
  • Tromba CD Horn
  • Basse Frequenze 8 " Amplificatore
  • Classe amplificatore Class D
  • Power PRG 200 W
  • HF Amp 25 W/RMS
  • LF Amp 75 W/RMS
  • Raffreddamento Convection Processore
  • Controller DSP 24bit/48kHz
  • Preset di sistema 8
  • Limiter Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal 24 dB/Octave Input Section
  • Ingresso segnale 1x XLR
  • Sensibilità d'ingresso microfonica Yes
  • Uscita segnale 1x 6.3mm phone jack
  • Connessione rete elettrica VDE Meccanica
  • Box H.E.T
  • Tipo di box Multifunctional, Low Profile
  • Colore Black
  • Surface Texture Textured acrylic lacquer
  • Maniglie 1x
  • Supporto piantana 36mm
  • Angoli 2 monitor angles °
  • Rete frontale Metall, 1mm with acoustical foam
  • Larghezza 280 mm (11.2 in)
  • Altezza 290 mm (11.6 in)
  • Profondità 410 mm (16.4 in)
  • Peso 9.8 kg (21.61 lbs)
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